Here are some cool applications to use on your SMART Board:

iPad's Board Game Application:
  • iPawn - Great Snakes & Leader game
  • GameChanger - innovative, electronic game board which offers a completely new way to play board games using your iPad.
  • Triptico - Great SMARTboard gadgets ... Love this site!
  • Online Timer.. great to use with your smartboard
  • Use this Human Clock or this Analogy Clock to keep your students on task
  • School Time Games- games for all subjects.
  • Cool Timer - here is a fun timer that you can put up on your SMART Board
  • Got Milk - (This is a combination of a board game and a story, a lot of fun and it teaches you about milk and milk products.)


Language Arts

  • Yenka - cool science and math apps to make your explanations a bit easier to understand!
  • Bacterium - a drop and drag activity
  • Nuclear Reactor
  • Physics - Java applets simulators .. might be network issues please test at school

Social Studies
  • Mapping - teaches Longitude and Latitude

Arts ed